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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

An image above shows search results of ‘Japan Tour’ keyword from

The red part is the part of Organic Search or Natural Search. This section shows a list of websites gathered by the Search Engine and ranked by using their own indicator. The qualification of the website ranking depends on their specific rule from the Search Engine provider, for example, Google and Yahoo!. The mentioned method is called ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimization).

The system will use Algorithm system in order to rank the websites and display them on the Search Result Page. Normally, each Search Engine has different Algorithm system which is updated frequently.

Basically, The Algorithm system, used for ranking a website, can be categorized as 2 different factors as follow:

1. Internal Factors (e.g. structure of website, numbers of page in the website, keywords, and the sentence positioning on the website)

2. External Factors (e.g. the numbers of the ‘Back Link’ (link of the specific website from the other websites)

The objective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to improve both Internal and External Factors of the customer’s website in order to get a better position on the Search Result Page.

Why SEO?

1. To compete with your competitor’s website

Nowadays, the number of the Internet users is increasing constantly. Many of business corporations use the Internet as a channel to promote their organization, merchandises, and services through their own website. This also represents the increasing of numbers of your online competitors. Thus, the website promoting is necessary for online marketing. Since the 90% of the Internet users collect and gather their data and information by using Search Engine. Moreover, most of them only enter the websites which are located on the top ranks.

2. To Increase the numbers of users from the Search Engine.

People basically enter the websites on the first two pages, or 1st-20th rank of the Search Result Page on the Search Engine website. If your website’s rank is lower, you will gain less opportunity to capture the attention from the Internet users.

3. To Increase the channel of promoting website or business

When your website is at the easy-to-access position in Search Result Page, your business is becoming more well-known. Although some user might not enter your website, at least it still showed in the results. Being on the top rank of the search result page, your positive brand image will be improved.

4. To increase the sales volume

Mostly, some of the commercial websites could not make the business transaction because they could not gain the attention from the customers. SEO will helps your website in terms of becoming easy-to-access and increase the numbers of your customers.

5. To lower your expense on advertising

The expenditure on SEO is cheaper than the other advertising medium. Moreover, this method directly captures the attention from the Internet users by using the keyword.

Our SEO Service

SEO Ranking
SEO Ranking | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service.
Free of Charge if we can’t make your website rank in top 10 on search engine’s first page. The charging fee depends on the position of the specific keyword.
SEO Micro
SEO Micro | Optimizing your website following the rule of SEO (6 months).
The Analysis Service for optimizing your website into a perfect website and become the top rank website on Search Engine.
SEO Macro
SEO Macro | Add the numbers of Backlink to your website
Adding the external link for your website, including keywords from potential website, which is significant for website ranking.
SEO Guide
SEO Guide | Optimizing your website following the rule of SEO (1 time)
The Short-term Analysis Service for optimizing your website into a perfect website and become the top rank website on Search Engine.