AUN HongKong Marketing’s Web Design & Creative Services

Web Design & Creative Services

Why do we need a website?

Becoming more and more important for businesses, a website is one of the most efficient channels to connect with internet users around the world nowadays. It can be said that if you do not have your own website, that means you are losing a channel to increase sales volume and contact customers. While the number of internet users is increasing in large proportion, you should take this opportunity to grow your business by starting from building your own website today.

The benefits of having a website.

1. A channel to sell and promote your products everyday 24/7.
2. A channel to get “inquiries” from customer.
3. Be able to present your businesses, products and services to the internet users around the world.
4. Increased credibility of your business.

Our Web Design & Creative Service

Our team is expert at website design, graphic design, Flash applications, web applications and media advertising, including website development. We assure that we can fulfill every customer's needs with advanced techniques whether it is a website in specific languages such as Thai, English, Japanese, Chinese or Korean. We could help you grow your business and make your business become even more successful due to our high standard and high quality of work.

Web Design

Design and create website to be more stunning and optimized by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plus translation service

Web Package

Package website can be modified in accordance with objective and budget

Web ฺฺBased Application

Design and create system for website such as CMS or interactive website

Flash Application

Design and create flash applications for website e.g. logos or animating features

Logo & Banner

Design and create Logo, banner for website or online advertising

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

Design of all media used for public relations including books and magazines