AUN HongKong Marketing's service to improve your website according to SEO rule.

SEO Micro: 6-Month Contract SEO Package

SEO Micro is the web-analytics service by our specialists. We will examine your website’s problem in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and come along with the solutions to those problems. Therefore, the problems will be accurately adjusted upon the core of SEO, and the website's ranking on the search result page will be improved.

SEO Micro Details

  • Web-analytics
    This is the process of investigating strength and weakness in each part of your website
  • Choosing the right page and keyword for implementing SEO
    We analyze your business and website to choose the appropriate page and keyword for the SEO process.
  • Presenting the way to adjust your website (1-2 times)
    We offer the proper way of adjusting your website for the SEO process by referring to the analysis result of the keyword, web page and other factors.
  • Reporting ranking result
    This is one of the evaluation parts. We will prepare the ranking report together with graph illustrating ranking changes.
  • Evaluating after website adjustment
    After adjusting the website, we will report the ranking result and offer other solutions to rank up your website.
  • Final SEO evaluation
    At the last month of your contract period, we will prepare the summary report of SEO we have implemented through the period. Also, we will provide you an advice of other effective strategies after the contract is done.

SEO Micro Procedure

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service| บริการโปรโมทเว็บไซต์ให้ติดอันดับ

The strength of our SEO Micro

  1. With our experts and our unique tools, we thoroughly analyze your website by comparing with competitors’ website.
  2. No keyword limitation involves. Your certain page would determine which keyword is usable.
  3. We clearly explain the principles of SEO in detail which is useful for applying to your business in the future.
  4. We shape your website on the SEO basis. The ranking result can be seen apparently, affecting the ranking retention in the long run.
  5. We survey weekly progress of websites’ ranking along with reporting all changes.

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