AUN HongKong Marketing's service for adding Backlink from external website for supporting SEO.

SEO Macro | Quality Backlink Adding Service

SEO Macro is the service of increasing high quality link (Backlink) from the leading websites with the keywords used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is an essential factor for ranking process of “Search Engine”. We will put your link only on the high quality website that has got high “PageRank” ( The importance score of a website by Google). The considered website will be the one that has got many pages and not the adult entertainment site.

Detail and the procedures of SEO Macro

  • Choosing the main keyword
    Choosing the major keyword for implementing SEO and the explanation for text link.
  • Website presentation
    Offering the name of websites to put your website’s link. You are able to verify those websites we offer.
  • Increasing links on other websites
    Putting links and textual explanation along with keyword on the specified websites for 6 months.
  • Link checking
    Making sure that your link is available and working
  • Reporting ranking result
    Reporting ranking result on the “Search Result Page” and illustrating ranking changes by graphs.

The Strength of Our SEO Macro

  1. You will gain high quality backlink to your website, ranking up your website in a short period of time.
  2. The nature of the target website is similar to yours.
  3. We do not use automatic program to put links. Also, we do not just register your link on the web directory or post your link on the available web boards
  4. We survey weekly progress of websites’ ranking along with reporting all changes.

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