AUN HongKong Marketing Pte. Ltd provides PPC Service for Global advertising by Google AdWords.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Service

“PPC” or “Pay Per Click” is an advertising form on Search Engine’s Search Result Page, which user has to bid the desired keyword so that the advertisements could be shown when searching.

“CPC” or “Cost Per Click” is a bid price of Keyword, indicating the price that need to pay to Search Engine per a click when there is a surfer access the website from the advertisment. The advertising fees will be charge only when the advertisement is clicked. In addition, CPC is the important factor for determining the advertisement ranking.

Normally, the CPC value of the popular keywords, which are searched several times by surfers, are high and there are lots of competitors especially AdWords, which is Yahoo advertising system. To be successful in PPC advertising, consulting by specialist is necessary. The specialist will help you manage the advertising in the most efficient way. However, if you deny consulting with the specialist, you need to study and try yourself, which might cost you a lot and waste your time.

Our PPC Service

We, AUN HongKong Marketing Co., Ltd. have the experiences in PPC almost all over the world, for example, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China, United States of the America, United Kingdom, Australia etc. Our company operates under the PDCA principle (Plan→Do→Check→Action) which is admitted in global.


Survey in order to plan the strategy for PPC

  1. Search Statistic Analysis of Advertised Business
  2. Analyse Landing Page in order to choose the Keyword and to choose as destination page for the link
  3. Competitor Analysis (e.g. Advertising text)
  4. Additional Keyword Analysis

Advertising proceeding start from create the advertisement to adjust everything that related to advertising

Budget management including checking the number of internet users who access your website and checking the ranking of the advertisement

Summarizing the advertising result in monthly

Inspecting the advertising status and trend including tracking and analysing competitor movement

Adjusting each details of advertisement (e.g.Keyword or Ads text) if find out they are not good or appropriate enough

Our PPC service strong points

  1. Be able to advertise all over the world or advertise in desired country including translation service. We could translate Keyword and Ads text in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong etc.
  2. Be able to choose the efficient Keyword and simplify the advertising for you. We charge only 15% from the total cost of advertising expense
  3. Pay same price but can increase the number of clicks. We help you improve your advertisement, therefore CPC value per click could decrease

Other Service

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service | 6-Month Contract SEO Package
Analyse your website in order to improve the website by following the Search Engine rule. Your website could be on the best ranking of the search result page both in short term and long term.

SEO Ranking | Top 10 Rank Guaranteed SEO Service
The price of SEO service will be charged according to real rank of the website in the “Search Result Page” by your chosen keyword(s). Free of Charge if we can’t make your website rank in top 10 on search engine’s first page.