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Pub More | Advertising Page with SEO Service

“More” จัดทำขึ้นเพื่อโปรโมทธุรกิจโดย SEM

“Pub More” is an advertising service in Editorial Advertising as a whole web page by showing the advertising details in both English and Japanese with related images. Additionally, we also provide SEO service on your advertising page. You are allowed to choose a specific keyword in Japanese.

“Pub More” details

Contract Period
6 Months
  • Provide a consulting for the page design both in detail and advertising page.
  • Translate the details from English into Japanese.
  • Provide SEO in Advertising page by offering a specific keyword requested from customer.
  • By using English and Japanese language on the Advertising page, you will gain more
    opportunity to reach both HongKongese and Japanese customers.
  • You will acquire a whole Japanese advertising page at low cost with free SEO service included.
  • You will acquire more customers from ‘Backlinks’
  • Posting fees and translation fees are excepted.
Page production fees and 15% of commission from a product or service will be charged when a reservation is made.