"More" is operated by AUN, which is a professional company in SEM, to promote your business.

More Media | Promote business through Global Portal Site

“More” จัดทำขึ้นเพื่อโปรโมทธุรกิจโดย SEM

What is More Media?

"More"stands for Multilingual Overseas Reservation (http://www.my-more.com/) which is produced by AUN CONSULTING, Inc. The objectives of More Media are to promote the business in the various languages and provide tourist information (e.g. Food, Accommodations) of many countries which are located in Asia. The website also includes online reservation services and contains information of the following :

  1. Japan (presented in English and Chinese)
  2. Thailand (presented in Japanese)
  3. Taiwan (presented in Japanese)
  4. Hong Kong (presented in Japanese)
  5. Republic of Korea (presented in Japanese)
  6. Singapore (presented in Japanese)

Furthermore, we have plans to provide the service in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines

Topics of each country's detail in “More” consist of categories such as Airplane Tickets, Hotels, Food, Shopping, Tours, Tourist Attractions, Beauty and Transport etc.

“More” Strengths

1. We promote “More” by mainly using SEM and other online devices, for example, Social Networking “Twitter”

According to the statistics of Website viewer, we can see that the main channel to get into Website is Search Engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo). Therefore we decided to promote “More” through Search Engine both in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click), the strategies that we specialise in, in order to attract the internet users and surfers who are looking for information about other countries which are located in Asia continent. Users can find all these information in “More”

2. Advertising in 2 languages

AUN HongKong Marketing Co., Ltd. focuses on selling advertisements in “More” HongKong (http://HongKong.my-more.com/). The main objective is to promote your website to be well-known to Japanese people so that they can understand your services and products more clearly. We provide the advertisement in Japanese language and promote the advertisement by doing to SEO with searching keyword in Japanese language.

However, we realize that access to the advertisement page from hongkongrian is also important ,hence we provide the advertising both in Japanese and English so that the maximum number of viewers can be reached with the great number.

3. Advantages from the online media

  • Able to access everywhere and anytime you need. The viewers are not only the local people but also from other countries.
  • Responding to customers’ online media usage behavior which has been growing in larger proportion in recent trends.
  • Reasonable priceing and effective in reaching target customers compared to other kinds of media.
  • Increase the number of your website viewer because we link your advertisement page to the main website.
  • Can be easily and accurately evaluated.

4. Higher chance of accessibility from Internet users

‘More’ is a website, which gathers various information from various Asian countries. It is one of the most popular websites for Japanese people to search and collect information about Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand. This can help us to gain attraction from people who are interested in those mentioned countries. Therefore, Internet users will gain a higher chance of accessibility than it the information, is only about single country. Moreover, ‘More’ also gains the advantage from being an online medium, which is easier to access from websites all over the world. As a result, to comparing with other mediums, ‘More’ has more influence in attract people.

Advertising with “More”

If you are looking for a way to promote your business, products or services by focusing on Japanese tourists or Japanese people who live in HongKong, “More” will be an ideal.

Pub More | Advertisement page with SEO Service

Promoting business article for Japanese and Hongkongese people

More Coupon | Coupon page with reservation service

Promotion coupon (e.g. special discount) both in Japanese and English language