AUN HongKong Marketing provides a full package service, including SEM, SEO, PPC, Web Design and Web Creative.

AUN HongKong Marketing’s Services

We provide total online marketing services by experienced professional HongKongese and Japanese staffs to support your request, so that, your online business will be accomplished by using our service.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your website's ranking on Search Engine

SEO Ranking
SEO Ranking | Top 10 Rank Guaranteed SEO Service
Search Engine Optimization(SEO) service. Free of Charge if we could not make the website on the desired rank according to the agreement..
SEO Micro
SEO Micro | 6-Month Contract SEO Package
We provide you an analysis for a perfect website optimization, which will lead your website to be at the top rank.
SEO Macro
SEO Macro | Quality Backlink Adding
Add the numbers of Back Link to your website in order to improve the opportunities to get higher rank on Search Result page.
SEO Guide
SEO Guide | 1-Time SEO Service
We provide you an analysis for website optimization for short period, which will improve your website follow the SEO rule and be a potential website.

PPC (Pay Per Click) to advertise

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising
PPC advertising: Advertising on Search Result Page of Search Engine by keyword auction.

Web Design & Creative

Web Design

We provide you an elegant web design and creative according to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rule, which translation service is included.

Web ฺฺBased Application

We provide web system design and creative, for example, CMS or Interactive website.

Flash Application

We provide flash application design and creative for your website, for example, logo or interactive objects.

Logo & Banner

We provide Logo and Banner design for website and online advertisement.

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

We provide you a design and creative of medium for advertising, for example, booklet, magazine, brochure, etc.

More Media: Promote your business via Global Portal Site

Pub More | Advertising page with SEO service

We provide you an article for your business promoting for Japanese and HongKongese customers.

More Coupon | Coupon page with reservation service

We provide you a coupon page for your product or service promotion, for example, discount coupon or free gifts coupon both in English and Japanese.

Why you have to use our service?

  1. We are the leading Japanese company, which specialize in online marketing. Moreover, we also have many experiences in consulting and online marketing in Japan for over 14 years and have more than 1600 customers.
  2. We provide full functioned online marketing service, which support from website creation to website promotion, for example, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) as well as online advertising.
  3. We provide a service that fits a specific customer in order to satisfy the different needs from different customer. This leads to high satisfaction of customers and get many positive feedbacks from them.
  4. We have a potential to create website in many languages, for example, English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean. Therefore, we have enough compatibility to handle the marketing in global level. Moreover, we also have our branches in East Asia and South East Asia.
  5. We pay attention for every customer by providing support teams for customer service. We work as a part of your company and honestly keep your company information as a top secret.
  6. Customers will get the knowledge and information from us, which will be useful for your further business transaction.
  7. Since we work as Japanese working system, you will get a high quality service and punctual accomplishment from us.
  8. We have our R&D team, which will follow up and research the marketing trends of Search Engine. Therefore, we do not only specialize in our work, but we also follow and adjust our strategy in order to improve our service along the dynamic change of Search Engine's system.