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AUN HongKong Marketing Co., Ltd. is the company which provide Search Engine Marketing from Japan. We have more than 14 years experience in worldwide online marketing, not only in Japan.

question Questions about services of AUN HongKong Marketing

The different between SEO Micro, SEO Guide and SEO BPO

SEO Micro is a full SEO package of our company. This package has 6 months contract duration. Our team will analyze your website in order to improve and modify it for 2 times. Moreover, we also follow up the results regularly to report the result in order to form a strategy for promoting your website further.

SEO Guide is a smaller package of SEO Micro. In this package, your website will be analyze 1 time (approximately 2 months) and report only the result of before and after website improvement.

The different between SEO Micro and SEO Macro

SEO Micro is a website’s structure improvement, whereas SEO Macro adds a numbers of potential backlinks to your website. The service is categorized by the factors, which are using for website ranking in Search Engines as an ‘Internal factors’ and ‘External factors’. If you would like to get the best result of SEO, both of these mentioned services are highly recommended.

The different between Web Design and Web Package

Web Design is a service, which provides a free-idea of web design and creation. You are allowed to define the pattern and design of each pages in your website freely as you desire.

Web Package is the instant website, which each pages are following our patterns. To illustrate, ‘About us’ page, ‘Product lists’ page, etc. However, if you want to change the design of the web pages, we would like to offer you a ‘Platinum Package’.

The different between Pub More and More Coupon

Pub More provides you an article about your website as an advertisement. You are allowed to add keywords in order to make SEO for your website. This service has fees for making process.

More Coupon provides you to put your discount coupons or gifts and short advertising on the website. This service is free of charge for making process. However, you will be charged for commission fees when the reservation from this website is make.

Price of each service

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